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Thursday, March 17

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Minecraft in the ClassroomFILLING Union 2-West BallroomAllison Pfister A few Clicks to make a nice Flick OSH 102lou Brancourt • Lorraine Wyness Formative Assessment made FUN! OSH 233Rebecca Baggett • Kris Fox • Krystal Plott Fun Classroom Projects Using Adobe Slate OSH 237Jeri Bankhead Game-Changing Student Trackers Using Google Sheets and Google Classroom OSH 236Jared Chandler Letting Data Drive the Engagement OSH 232Chelsea Herring Putting Fun into Formative Assessment OSH 133Jeff Curran • Stephanie Mondragon • Jennifer Peirce #GoOpen OSH 111Alan Griffin 10 Tech Tools to Challenge Gender Stereotypes Union 2-TheaterMichael Hakkarinen • Michelle Zey Annotating iMovie OSH 113Julia Henry • Kylah Schindler Can you hear me now? Personalizing the feedback experience. OSH 132Scott Christensen • Athena Nadeau Classcraft: The Educational Tool of the Future OSH 130Terron James Coding in the Middle School OSH 235Carl Lyman Easy, Engaging, Effective Education OSH 103Susan Booth • Sarah Eyring • Stephanie Seely 9 Ideas for using UtahFutures OSH 131Jennie LaFortune Canvas: Make Teaching and Learning Easier OSH 136Jared Ward Get Personal with Data! Ed Tech that Differentiates Instruction OSH 234Mitchell Kelley How to Make your MAKER groups! OSH 231Lynn Smargis i-Ready: USOE-approved intervention program for K-3 Reading OSH 137Craig Pritchard iOS 9.3 - What it means to IT, Instructional and who will benefit OSH 204Matthew Bentley Simplify your management of Windows, Mac, iOS, & Android Devices within a single platform. OSH 138Jason Sagil The Cloud-Enabled Network: High-availability networking from campus to cloud OSH 107John Somm Transform your Writing Instruction from Good to Great with Google Tools. OSH 135Brandi Gollinger • Davina Sauthoff Why One Access Point Per Classroom is Wrong OSH 106Ferney Munoz Getting Started with Google ClassroomLIMITED Union 2-Ballroom Center & EastClint Stephens

10:50am MDT

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QuizzizFILLING Union 2-West BallroomBen Hale • Ben Peters Digital Games and Applications: Engage Students to Build Essential Writing Skills OSH 106David James Clarke IV Awesome Assessments Activities: Socrative and Kahoot! OSH 235Brandon Harrison Bringing Computer Science into the Classroom OSH 236Camille Cole Concept Maps & Graphic Organizers in the Digital Age OSH 133Gina Shelley Core Writing for Struggling Students OSH 233Brenda Bates The Armchair Martian: Using Mars 3D Data in the Classroom OSH 237David Black The Magic of Google Forms OSH 232Pam Turley Adobe Acrobat Tricks OSH 111Alan Griffin Assess the Best...Review the Rest OSH 113Abbie Drage • Melody Watson Common Tools for Meeting Diverse Learning Needs OSH 130Suzy Cox Flatten the Walls of your Classroom with Skype and Google+ OSH 132Maggie Tanner • Kareena Steed Vance Forming Your Opinions on Plickers OSH 103Megan Jenkins Google Education Supports for All Students with Read&Write for Google Chrome OSH 231Will Lewis Primary Sources Aren't Just For Social Studies Anymore OSH 131Ruth King An LMS, a Turtle, and a Fencepost OSH 138Charles Watson Customize, Energize & Glamorize Canvas with LTI’s OSH 136Rachel Murphy Fill in gaps with adaptive software OSH 234Abe Denzer • Intermountain Literacy Inc. i-Ready: K-8 Mathematics Instruction program OSH 137Craig Pritchard Leveraging Public Cloud for Next Generation Disaster Recovery OSH 204Dave Arcieri • Dan Beauregard UCET Advocacy Update OSH 102Charice Carroll UEN presents Genius Hour Union 2-TheaterJared Fawson • Dani Sloan myON (H2): USOE K-3 grant, & UEN discount for upper grades OSH 135Dave McMullen Building a Culture That Thrives in the 21st Century ClassroomLIMITED Union 2-Ballroom Center & EastTravis Allen Drones in Today's Educational Market Union 2-SaltairMark Cawley Fun with Makey Makey's Union 2-SaltairKatie Hill • Danae Huizenga Little Bits Union 2-SaltairAlex Rowe Teacher Lounge and Charging Station Union 2-SaltairUEN PD Tiny Robots, Big Possibilites Union 2-SaltairBrandi Gollinger • Shannon Ririe • Jayanne Unander UCET Playground - 3D Printing with the J. Willard Marriott Library Union 2-SaltairTJ Ferrill UEN Photobooth Union 2-SaltairUEN PD Using Osmo Devices in the Classroom Union 2-SaltairStephanie Evans • Andy Misco • Dave Taylor Get Inspired with ActivInspireLIMITED OSH 238Christine Ferrin

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Explain Everything: How students can take over the classroom and become the experts.FULL Union 2-West BallroomSuzanne Harris Class Dojo - the Ultimate Classroom Motivator! OSH 231Lynn Smargis Creating Games & Apps Using Studio.Code.org OSH 235Carl Lyman • Brett Zabel Elevate, Elaborate...Educreate! OSH 236Nicholle George Playing nice: Google Apps and the iPad OSH 232Pam Turley So You Bought a 3D Printer: Now What? OSH 237David Black Active Watching with Adobe Connect OSH 113Troy Fernley Assessment Tools to Energize your PLC OSH 132John Truesdell Easy Save Digital Resources: Pearltrees OSH 133Josh Stott Get Going with Canvas OSH 136Mindy Hintze How to Increase your Googliness OSH 131Student Achievement • Ian Davey • LaJean Elder Overcoming the Top 10 barriers to Technology Adoption Union 2-DenTravis Allen Refreshing the ISTE Standards for Students OSH 103Susan Larson Video in Your Classroom OSH 102Charice Carroll • Kimberly Davis zSpace | Collaborative Virtual Reality for K-12 STEAM Education OSH 234Abe Denzer • Intermountain Literacy Inc. • Lance Vogler CSM -- A New Approach to Personalized Learning OSH 130Jessica Hartman Driving Students to Love Learning, with Chromebooks OSH 233Doug Rolley General Q/A for Apple Deployments OSH 204Matthew Bentley i-Ready: USOE-approved intervention program for K-3 Reading OSH 137Craig Pritchard Imagine Learning: Whats New and the Cloud! OSH 138Greg Barry • Lori Benson • Nicole Kopfman Keyboarding Online - Real Skills. Prevent Hunting and Pecking! OSH 135Keyboarding Online Re-Integrating the classroom using STEM Pedagogy OSH 111Jared Ferguson • Jennifer Remy Resources to improve student research Union 2-TheaterJared Fawson Singing: Your Way to Review and Learn OSH 106Thomas Redd Skype for Business in Education: Communicate & Collaborate OSH 107Nate Bondelid • Jeff Jolley CETL - Team Building/Staffing, Stake Holder Focus, Information Technology OSH 134Cory Stoke Classroom in the CloudLIMITED Union 2-Ballroom Center & EastJared Covili

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Math ProdigyLIMITED Union 2-West BallroomBrittany Dimick Bringing the World Into Your Classroom with Virtual Fieldtrips OSH 133Adam Brough • Samantha Mitchell • Will Walden Code.org's AppLab OSH 235Carl Lyman Driving Instruction with Google Classroom OSH 132Kristen Johnson • Jaime Woolley It's Okay to Scratch Jr. OSH 233William Shumaker QR Codes for the Classroom OSH 231Lynn Smargis Becoming a Key Influencer with Social Media Union 2-DenTravis Allen Book Creation on the Web OSH 113Misty Butterfield • Mary Anne Wiebe-Strong Canvas Technical Set Up Made Easy OSH 136Mike Cowen Creative Cuties Can Code! OSH 131Sharon Moore Minimal Devices? Innovative Small Group Use OSH 130Lindsi Coughran • Danae Huizenga Pictures are Worth Thousands of Words, Simulations are Worth Millions! OSH 232Jane Owen Blended Learning that Works! Resources for School and Home OSH 234Mitchell Kelley Construction Zone Ahead: Building a Successful Online Program OSH 135Debra Tolsma Fee Fi Fo Flip: Learn about Early Childhood Flipped Classroom Ideas Union 2-TheaterLisa Cohne i-Ready: K-8 Mathematics Instruction program OSH 137Craig Pritchard Leveraging Public Cloud for Next Generation Disaster Recovery OSH 204Dave Arcieri • Dan Beauregard Mastering the Chaos: iPads In The Classroom OSH 103Kyle Hansen MuseScore: A Subalius or Finale Want-to-be OSH 106Thomas Redd Project Base Learning for Every Grade Level OSH 111Jayson Marchant • Melody Thieme Staymobile is transforming the way schools manage, maintain, and repair their technology OSH 237Jason Brown • Jason Cirrincione • Chuck Morrison Three Apps for the Classroom OSH 102Glen Andersen Utah's On Demand Ed-Tech Ecosystem OSH 138Karl Rectanus Ignite!LIMITED Union 2-Ballroom Center & EastSusan Anderson • Julie Anzelmo • Jared Chandler • Josie Chesley • Sheryl DeGering • Jared Fawson • Jamie Hagan • John Z. Kelly • Bo Maciejko • Georgia Omer • Daniel Potter • Courtney Thomas

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