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Friday, March 18

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Keyboard ChallengeLIMITED Union 2-West BallroomHolly Handy Classcraft: Making It Work For You OSH 232Terron James Create, Collaborate & Share with Adobe Voice and Slate! OSH 231Monica Burns Film making for beginners OSH 236Greg Cox Secret Word in MS Office Word OSH 233Thomas Redd Advancing Critical Thinking: Online Inquiry with NHMU Objects OSH 103Kirsten Butcher • Madlyn Runburg Blend and Flip Learning with Blendspace OSH 130Angela Hanks Minecraft in Education OSH 111Erika Bradshaw • Kristi Kimble Solve SAGE with Smarter Solving OSH 134Kevin Judd Teaching Computer Science in Utah OSH 235Carl Lyman Technology Tools to Transform Learning OSH 135Mark Jamison Using Ipads for K-3 OSH 131Michele Law Using Utah Compose in the Classroom OSH 132Measurement Incorporated • Ruth King Blended Learning that Works! Resources for School and Home OSH 234Mitchell Kelley Canvas: Make Teaching and Learning Easier OSH 136Jared Ward CSM -- A New Approach to Personalized Learning OSH 138Jessica Hartman EdReady and NROC Math as Supplementary Materials OSH 133Katie Garrett Effects of a Statewide Scale-up of Mathematics Education Technology OSH 102Clarence Ames • Louis Nadelson • Sue Redington i-Ready: K-8 Mathematics Instruction program OSH 137Craig Pritchard Social Media in the Classroom-Seriously! OSH 237Ashley Lennox • Douglas Rolley Stay Calm, It's Only Copyright OSH 106Susan Cohen Technologies to adopt in the upcoming year OSH 204Matthew Bentley The Cloud-Enabled Network: High-availability networking from campus to cloud OSH 107John Somm UEN Professional Development Opportunities Union 2-TheaterJustin Brooksby CenturyLink Grant Winners Panel PresentationLIMITED OSH 113Rick Gaisford Building a Culture That Thrives in the 21st Century ClassroomLIMITED Union 2-Ballroom Center & EastTravis Allen

10:50am MDT

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12:00pm MDT

Google CardboardFULL Union 2-West BallroomTom Phipps • Ross Pope • Kathleen Riebe Augmented Reality in an Elementary Classroom OSH 233Ashley Lennox • Douglas Rolley Coding Music OSH 235Kelly Henderson Google Classroom in the Secondary English Class OSH 237Maddy Bragg Sphero SPRK Program OSH 236Jason Crowton Adding More Randomization to MyOpenMath questions OSH 132Chris Bronson Embedding Effective Questions in Videos OSH 103Kirsten Butcher Get Going with Canvas OSH 136Mindy Hintze Google Education Supports for All Students with Read&Write for Google Chrome OSH 231Will Lewis Having fun while Assessing OSH 130james • Aaron Kammerman New Uses for UEN Tools Union 2-TheaterDani Sloan Overcoming the Top 10 barriers to Technology Adoption Union 2-DenTravis Allen Super Savvy Symbaloo OSH 131Amber Jones • Sheri Harris • Pam Moeai Using iPads to Practice, Show & Tell OSH 113Abbie Drage • Melody Watson zSpace | Collaborative Virtual Reality for K-12 STEAM Education OSH 234Abe Denzer • Intermountain Literacy Inc. • Lance Vogler An LMS, a Turtle, and a Fencepost OSH 232Charles Watson Avoiding Death by PowerPoint: Principles of Effective Multimedia Design OSH 106David Rockwood CCGA, the solution to your Introduction to Programming problems OSH 102Chad Asay • Teacher/CCGA Implementation trainer i-Ready: USOE-approved intervention program for K-3 Reading OSH 137Craig Pritchard Lexia Reading Core5 - Personalized Literacy Instruction for Students of All Abilities OSH 204Matthew Paupore Positive Behavior Interventions and Data Tracking by Color My Day OSH 134Kristin Bentley Simplify your management of Windows, Mac, iOS, & Android Devices within a single platform. OSH 138Jason Sagil So You Have a 3D Printer, Now What? OSH 111Robert Thomas myON (H2): USOE K-3 grant, & UEN discount for upper grades OSH 135Dave McMullen Going Beyond Google Docs with Creative Chromebook AppsLIMITED Union 2-Ballroom Center & EastClint Stephens Cardboard Playground Union 2-SaltairGinger Lewman Fun Hands on Activities in Space Science and 3D Printing Union 2-SaltairKevin Reeve Little Bits Union 2-SaltairAlex Rowe Spheros Union 2-SaltairCamille Cole Teacher Lounge and Charging Station Union 2-SaltairUEN PD UCET Playground - 3D Printing with the J. Willard Marriott Library Union 2-SaltairTJ Ferrill UEN Photobooth Union 2-SaltairUEN PD Using Osmo Devices in the Classroom Union 2-SaltairStephanie Evans • Andy Misco • Dave Taylor Utah Compose Exposed OSH 238Measurement Incorporated

12:20pm MDT

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Collaborating with LucidPressLIMITED Union 2-West BallroomMaria Jones Tech Tools to Support Teaching Union 2-Student LoungeJohn Z. Kelly Creating Custom Reports in Google Spreadsheets OSH 235Carl Lyman Having a Hoot with Kahoot OSH 237Dean Brereton MATHnificent Technology OSH 236Valerie Velez-Hall Becoming a Key Influencer with Social Media Union 2-DenTravis Allen Mix it up with Office Mix OSH 132Nielsen Chelsi Modeling Metacognition: Supporting Learner Self-Regulation Using Evidence-Based Design OSH 133Angela Barrus • Lisa Ferrara Solve SAGE with Smarter Solving OSH 134Kevin Judd Tips for Successful Grant Writing OSH 113Jeri Bankhead We Are Doing Computer Science - But Now How To Assess OSH 131Nicole Reitz-Larsen Assistive Technology and School Districts OSH 102JODILYN BECK Building Online Student Portfolios OSH 111Nathan Wilson Fill in gaps with adaptive software OSH 234Abe Denzer • Intermountain Literacy Inc. Genetic Engineers, INC OSH 231Lynn Smargis i-Ready: K-8 Mathematics Instruction program OSH 137Craig Pritchard Juniper Networks: Solutions for Education OSH 107Mark Postma Keyboarding Online - Real Skills. Prevent Hunting and Pecking! OSH 135Keyboarding Online R.I.P. Email OSH 138Jason Cross Student Learning Outcomes and Canvas OSH 136Leslie Stark The NEW CultureGrams: Learn About the World Union 2-TheaterRob Bentley Time Travel Now OSH 103Tricia Jackson Using Technology Cool Tools to Implement the Core. OSH 233Amy Beckert • Tricia Fenton • Ashley Lennox Blending it Up: One District's Journey Towards Personalized LearningLIMITED OSH 130Jared Chandler • Jaraun Dennis • Tyler Jessup Quick Tech Tools for TeachersFILLING OSH 106Barbara Sanders • Becky Schaap • Deb Springer Ignite!LIMITED Union 2-Ballroom Center & EastKirsten Butcher • Darren Draper • Kelly Dumont • Merry Joseph • Jaci Keetch • Amanda Porter • Valeria Rodriguez • Rachel Thompson • Brett Zabel

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Whatever WorksLIMITED Union 2-West BallroomLeslie Lewis Documentary Films in Elementary OSH 235Brandon Engles • Charlotte McGee McGee Let Socrative make your students smarter than Socrates. OSH 237Dottie Brereton The Chrome Extension Dimension OSH 236Teresa Bruin • Heidi Meenen 50 Things You Should Be Doing If You Aren't Already OSH 130Kelly Lawrence • Kacie O'Maley Becoming an effective Communicator Union 2-DenTravis Allen Fantastic Formative Assessment Using Digital Games, Drawings, and Contests Union 2-TheaterRob Bentley Get your BYOD on! OSH 231Lynn Smargis Google Apps for Education in the Classroom OSH 113Jeri Bankhead • Vanessa Cicero PBL Is A Game-Changer - Integrating Genius Hour in Your Classroom OSH 132Rachel Thompson Zaption! Don't Just Watch. Engage. OSH 131Michelle Shimmin Customize, Energize & Glamorize Canvas with LTI’s OSH 136Rachel Murphy G-Force OSH 102Ronald Fisher Get Personal with Data! Ed Tech that Differentiates Instruction OSH 234Mitchell Kelley i-Ready: USOE-approved intervention program for K-3 Reading OSH 137Craig Pritchard Imagine Learning: Come Learn About Reports! OSH 133Barbara Ford • Ross Rogers Math Fact Fluency -Without the Stress! OSH 232Jane Owen Painless Password Management OSH 106Clint Stephens Positive Behavior Interventions and Data Tracking by Color My Day OSH 134Kristin Bentley SafeUT: Connecting Kids in Crisis OSH 103Larsen Missy Stop! Elaborate and Listen OSH 233Amy Beckert • Patricia Fenton • Ashley Lennox Utah's CODE.org Partnership - How to bring Coding to your Elementary Classroom OSH 111Sarah Young Work it Out! Teaching Physical Education in the Online Classroom OSH 135Debra Tolsma A Problem of Passion within PBLLIMITED Union 2-Ballroom Center & EastGinger Lewman

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